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Beginners Guide to Online Casino Gambling


Why take up online gambling?

The gambling industry is growing into an unstoppable force that more people are now trying to take part in. Nowhere is this truer than the online version of gambling. It’s now seen as more socially acceptable to sit in front of a computer and participate in an online gambling game, and in the future the industry is only expected to grow.

It’s a big advantage to play in front of the computer as there are plenty of online casinos to choose from, so if players don’t like a casino they can just go elsewhere. It’s different from a brick and mortar casino where the player has to make a conscious decision to go out and participate in a game. Furthermore, players can now play any time they want as all they have to do is turn on their computer and log on to their favourite casino.

Real land-based casinos are only going to have a certain number of games available at any one time. Online casinos are different as, in some cases, there are going to be over 200 different games on offer, as well as new games that are constantly being created and released.

It’s also a fact that those who play in land-based casinos tend to believe that they have to bet more. Peer pressure is the culprit here, but by playing online this can be easily protected against with maximum bet options.

Which casino is right for me?

Legitimate casinos are necessary to ensure a payout and to make sure that it’s an authentic and enjoyable experience. To find a legitimate casino follow the crowd as they tend to know best. Check out some forums and take a look at reviews on each casino to find the best ones.

The Antigua directory has a comprehensive list of online casinos that have been licensed there. Generally, a telephone number is a sure-fire way of telling whether a casino is going to be legitimate or not. Email addresses are nearly always provided, but anybody can set these up, so it’s a less potent way of choosing a reputable casino. Just make sure that a real person can be contacted.

When it comes to bonuses the general rule of thumb is that if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Fantastic bonuses are easy to create, but the really good ones may not be followed through on. Advertising needs are much harder to fulfil. If the casino can spend money on advertising widely then they are going to be legitimate because illegitimate casinos aren’t going to spend lots of money on advertising.

How can I make a complaint?

If a casino is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, which most reputable casinos are, then a complaint can be made to the council if there’s a problem with one of their members. At the start it’s best to try and avoid making a complaint by simply checking the FAQ sheet on the casino’s website. Not only will it allow players to know how to best make a complaint against the casino, but it will also help inform them about how everything works within the casino.

Make sure that the casino has a method of getting in touch with it that doesn’t involve the internet. If the internet connection is lost then the only way to get in touch to discuss anything that may have been affected by it will be via an offline method.

Should software be taken into account?

The large majority of casinos will use software that’s produced by a few big industry guns. There are some differences between the casinos, but the software should generally be from a provider that’s able to provide fantastic sounds and beautiful graphics. Ease and fair play should be taken into account and all security information can be found on the software provider’s website.

How can I get started online?

Most casinos will have either a browser or a downloadable version for players to play with, and the bigger ones will have both. If there’s downloadable software to be getting to grips with then download and follow the instructions for installation. No genuine casino will ever charge players for downloading and operating their software.

An account should then be set up on the website or through the software, depending on what the casino requires. Players are then going to be prompted for personal and financial information for the purposes of verification and a place to make payments into and from. At a later date the casino may ask for a form of photo identification and/or a bank statement, but usually this doesn’t occur until the first withdrawal is processed.

All information should be encrypted for the purposes of making sure that the information that’s entered is safe and secure as others won’t be able to read it when it’s entered. A deposit then needs to be made and the correct number of chips will then be credited to the account.

Do I have a good chance of winning?

The odds are slightly weighted in the casino’s favour in the long run, so the casino is going to be making profits from its player base as a whole. However, players have a better chance of winning in an online casino as the odds are better than any land-based casino, even those in Las Vegas. Make sure that the casino that’s used is certified as this is the only way to guarantee the odds, though.