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Gamblers anywhere in the world can take advantage of the ActeCash service, although there’s some confusion regarding people from Israel as it’s not recognised in the dropdown list.
To take advantage of ActeCash simply:

  • Navigate to the official site of and look for the ‘Sign Up’ button. Click this button to unveil the registration section. A simple form will prompt users to enter their personal details.
  • Take care to read through all the terms and conditions before ticking the box stating ‘I agree’. Click through the ‘Submit’ button and ActeCash receives the forms instantaneously.
  • Wait for a confirmation email and click the link presented to validate the account. Sometimes the email is sent through to the spam folder, so if it isn’t there check this folder before getting in touch with ActeCash.

Users are free to begin funding their accounts from this point onwards.
On a side note, in the confirmation email there’s a reference towards acquiring a bonus through using the Western Union financial service. Take into account that Western Union is a very similar service so there’s very little point in using ActeCash if the desire is to take advantage of this bonus as Western Union offers far bigger bonuses, as well as the returning of any fees.