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Credit Cards

Internet casinos know how people value their privacy. As such they use the most modern state of the art credit card processing systems to guarantee the safety of each and every transaction on their site. The question today isn't if it's safe to deposit with a credit card, it's which credit card will actually allow you to deposit. The largest credit card providers (such as American Express, Citibank, and MBNA) do not allow for deposits into internet casinos. If you try to deposit with a blocked card your deposit will be denied. Master Card has also stopped allowing casinos to credit back their cards. Originally a casino could credit your card up to the amount that you deposited, now only Visa allows the casino to do so (winnings are sent via bank draft). Eventually Visa may also stop their practice of allowing casinos to credit back.

Casinos now offer multiple methods for deposit, and often these methods are better than credit cards. If a credit card actually allows for gambling deposits to online casinos they will generally regard the deposit as a cash advance and charge a fee. Alternative payment methods into casinos allow you to keep your personal information private and charge lower rates than the credit card fees. Also, because they are not a high risk for the casino (lower fraud rates) the online casinos would rather they were used and they offer special bonus incentives which cover the fee amounts.

Alternative deposit methods are also better at keeping your information secure. As most methods rely on direct bank transfers to fund your account your credit card information is never posted online. Also, you never have to worry about going over a limit as you can only withdraw up to what is actually in your account. If you deposit with your credit card and you reach your limit you will be declined, however you still have to pay that bill with money in your bank account every month.

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