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Depositing Methods

There are so many different methods of depositing into a casino today it can make your head spin. Below is a list of some of the most common, and how they work.

Credit Cards - Visa / MasterCard / Diners

One of the most common ways gamblers used to deposit their money was through the method of credit cards. This is steadily falling out of fashion, though, as the main credit card companies refuse to authorise payments to online gambling sites. MasterCard refuses to accept withdrawals from online gambling sites too. Visa and Diners are the best option for credit and debit cards because they allow casinos to credit the amount of the original deposit. On the down side, any card company which accepts these payments consider them cash advances, which translates to higher fees. Always confirm these fees before attempting a deposit.
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NETELLER is the best method of deposit for online gaming. Preferred by casinos, you can get additional bonuses for using NETELLER to deposit. Cash outs are paid back faster as well. You can deposit into your NETELLER account via bank wire deposit or credit card. The credit card deposit comes with a surcharge and may be considered to be a cash advance by your card, so we recommend the bank wire deposit. They also offer regular drawings with cash winnings as incentives for using their service. One thing I didn't like was that the fees aren't listed unless you are a member. There is no clear and concise fee page and some of the information wasn't listed at all (I used their online chat to get information on withdrawal fees – to their benefit the online chat was especially helpful).
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FirePay is an online only credit card. You need a US bank account to open an account there. Many casinos offer a deposit bonus for using FirePay (but not all do and not all the time). They offer 2 options, Express and Validated (depending on whether your bank account has been validated or not). Express has more fees, as it is more risk for FirePay. Their fees are not clearly spelled out on the site (I found some on the main page and others on their Terms and Conditions). There may be more fees deeper embedded in their site.
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PrePaid ATM

This method is actually a physical ATM card and an online card at the same time. Obtaining one is easy if living in Mexico, Canada, or the US; International customers have to go through a much longer process. Simply send some form of photo identification or a current phone and utility bill. This information is for opening the account only and isn’t connected to the account in any way. Receiving payments and sending payments is made easy through this method. Just remember there are fees to take advantage of, so check out the site before making a move.
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Citadel is an online checking account. The biggest difference between Citadel and all other internet methods of payment is they give you a risk assessment. This allows the merchant to decide what level of risk they wish to allow before you enter into their establishment. If you like someone else helping you control your budget this could be the place for you.
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Perhaps the first online payment system specifically aimed at gamers. They even have a list on their site of casinos that accept their method of payment. Extremely private, they don't even ask for your exact address. They claim every payment is accepted and that no one is rejected. They also claim low fees. However, I searched through their site and while they mention low fees over and over I couldn't find any actual fees listed.
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The absolute most private and secure method of payment online as you deposit into your online account with cash at a payment point. They seem to have the lowest fees; however they do have a lot of limits. The maximum withdrawal per month is $500.
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I found nothing on this site to convince me to use them. They have no listing for fees, and they don't promise anything new. It's free to join, and the home page says it's "Safe, Simple, and Free", but it’s not. I wrote to their customer service (via email, and they wrote back within 30 minutes). Their fees are not bad though, however your options for depositing and withdrawing are limited.
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The online payment systems all basically offered the same thing. The main differences seem to be the method of their marketing and their fee system. NETELLER is the oldest of the bunch and the most respected on the casino side. Some offer moderately more privacy than others because they don't require your exact street address. At the end of the day it's all about the ease and the fees.