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Championship Title

The Second Annual National Heads Up Poker Championship title was won by poker pro Ted Forrest. Along with the championship title which comes with the tournament win, Mr. Forrest gained a $500,000 pot in prize money. Mr. Forrest won the title after a gruelling three days at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. 63 matches were won by Mr. Forrest to take the title of the Second Annual National Heads Up Poker Championship.
Forrest beat his opponent Chris Ferguson, nicknamed Jesus, after he won two out of three of the final series. By beating his opponent he took the title and $500,000 prize, although Mr. Ferguson didn’t leave Las Vegas with empty hands as he gained a runners-up prize of $250,000.
The final series started with each player receiving 640,000 in chips, which they would have to play the final game with. Each player was told to continue playing against each other until there was a clear winner, which this year went to Ted Forrest.
The Second Annual National Heads Up Poker Championship featured some famous faces and legends of the live poker circuit who were steadily eliminated as the tournament wore on. The whole tournament was broadcast on NBC as part of a mega deal which saw 10 hours of poker broadcast from April 16th until the end of May. NBC also broadcast the tournament on its cable outlet, CNBC, which meant anybody who missed the original broadcast would still be able to view their poker heroes going at it in a fast and furious live tournament.

Posted on: March 15, 2006

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