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Poker Night Live

Poker fans from Scandinavia will now be able to view the “Poker Night Live Show” every night from 11 pm to 4am on the Viasat Channel’s “Quiz Nation”. The debut of the poker show came about as a result of an agreement to broadcast the games to over six million homes.

The show’s producers claim that it is the first program to combine live Internet action with television output where expert poker players and guests can offer commentaries while viewers simultaneously play live on the channel via the Internet from the comfort of their own homes.

The show has seen a steady rise in popularity since Pokerzone’s launch in April and is viewed by approximately 200,000 unique poker enthusiasts nationwide. The show features various cash games, single table tournaments and the recently added multi-table tournaments. The last attraction allows for over 100 people playing simultaneously.

In an attempt to meet the public’s demand for improved poker skills, Pokerzone moved into the Canadian, European, and Scandinavian markets and is optimistic about its future. Jim Sibcy, Pokerzone’s Managing Director, said, “these are very exciting times for Pokerzone and the move into Scandinavia is an obvious progression for us. We hope to see the same success for Poker Night Live in Europe as we have had in the UK and I am certain we will.”

The show’s creative Director, Sam Orams, said that Scandinavian announcers are to be used on the Scandinavian version of “Poker Night Live” show in order to create a show that really involves its audience.

Posted on: March 18, 2006

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