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Ten Hand Holdem

Ten-hand Texas Hold’em is now available for BlackBerry 8700 Series Cellphone users, as a result of the work carried out by MGN Technologies. MGN Technologies, which utilises the trading name of ‘Mobile Gaming Now’, has unleashed its new mobile gaming software entitled ‘Gold Mobile – Texas Hold’em’. What this new software offers customers is the chance to take advantage of a completely new range of gaming possibilities on mobile devices.

The BlackBerry 8700c is pioneering the new range of Intel-based smartphones and represents an entirely new approach to the mobile device. As of this writing, the BlackBerry 8700c is only available on certain networks; the Rogers network in Canada and the Cingular network in the United States, although it’s hoped more networks will become available in the future. The beauty of this new smartphone is it’s a GSM/GPRS quad-brand smartphone, which means it’s available for use practically anywhere in the world.
The new ten-hand Texas Hold’em game is played on an LCD screen with QVGA colour. What this offers users is a more authentic gaming experience, which obviously enhances the entertainment value many times over. The phone takes advantage of a 320x240 pixel screen, and early tests have demonstrated the new BlackBerry is the fastest version of this brand ever released.

Posted on: March 31, 2006

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