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A poker team comprising of 19 different members from the online poker room, Poker Room, is entering the World Poker Tour World Championships. To bring the team together cost the online poker room over $500,000. However, the team only consists of professional poker players.
The World Poker Tour World Championships will begin on 18 April at the Las Vegas-located Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The tournament will last until 24 April and guarantees the best poker players in the world going at it for major cash prizes. Each member on Poker Room’s team costs $27,900, including accommodation, travel costs, and the buy-in for the tournament, which is $25,000. The 19 team members will represent PokerRoom, and the management team selected them from a pool of 100 of the best players on the site. Some of these members have participated in some of the biggest live poker tournaments on the planet. However, the only way to qualify for teams such as these is through winning the various qualifying tournaments held online.
The Poker Room team takes people from an extremely diverse range of backgrounds. One member is an investment banking analyst from California, whereas another is a representative for sports apparel in Texas. The analyst from California is Jim Davenport who obtained one of the exclusive PokerRoom endorsement deals in March 2006. He gained this through winning the ‘Become a Poker Pro’ event on PokerRoom. The endorsement deal allows Jim Davenport the chance to enter 12 major poker tournaments, which PokerRoom covers entirely.
Glenn Cademartori, a spokesperson for the Poker Room commented that Team PokerRoom was as much about the fellowship, or camaraderie as it were, among the different players and that the enthusiasm for the game was all about the competition and the right to earn a seat for playing in the largest tournaments around, such as the WPT World Championship. The spokesperson also commented on the fact that it provided a forum for different kinds of players to try and learn from each other as they went about developing the skill set required to not only compete, but also enjoy, and more importantly, succeed when it comes to poker.

Posted on: April 28, 2006

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