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Savemyfinger Scam

An online poker player called Carl Valentine has revealed his SaveMyFinger site was actually a scam.  The site was incorporated on 12 December, 2005 and ran the story of Valentine needing a certain amount of money to help pay off a debt or his finger would be amputated. It urged generous poker players to help him through clicking on advertisements. The site used its story to appeal to the hearts and minds of players, which he said were helping him to save his right index finger by simply visiting the site.
Some players were slightly more suspicious of the concept, though, and they blew the whistle on the site this week, citing it as nothing more than a scam aimed at exploiting people’s generosity in order to generate traffic. Although Carl Valentine is merely a pseudonym, the unknown web master revealed the concept was nothing more than a viral marketing experiment geared towards creating 2 million hits by April 2006. The amount he made from his experiment is currently unknown, but people predict Valentine made lots of money due to the amount of exposure he gained.
Valentine didn’t regret anything he did to encourage people to visit his website as he described it as an amusing story. He also said of the purpose behind his website: “The intention of this website was to literally do an experiment with Viral Marketing. And I’m happy to announce that this experiment worked. My point in this experiment was to prove that it is possible to open up a website and within days, if not hours, be receiving massive traffic”.
He also boasted the site had received 1, 601, 255 unique hits since he formed it in December 2005. Presumably, Carl Valentine is going to use his spoils for himself and won’t be compensating players for their time.

Posted on: April 18, 2006

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