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Pokershare Offers Free Gas

PokerShare has revealed a different type of offer previously unheard of in the online gambling industry. In response to rising fuel prices in New York, PokerShare is giving excited New Yorkers free gas on May 26, 2006.
This isn’t the first time PokerShare, along with its new site CasinoShare, have participated in a spot of altruism in the Big Apple. With a history for offering new and exciting offers to people, this is the latest in the long line of measures used to market itself to the general public.
Primarily, the reasoning behind this is the soaring price of fuel, so it’s holding an event at The Westside Highway Mobil station, 290 West St. on the corner of Canal St. & West Side HWY. The event is expected to last from 6AM to 11AM EST during the Memorial Day Weekend celebrations. Anybody can collect their unleaded fuel by simply turning up at the event; although it’s a good idea to bring a book along as it’s expected to be the longest queue in New York for decades.
PokerShare has found a novel solution for such a long queue, though, because it’s employed a number of entertainment options in and around the area. Expected festivities include a live DJ and the PokerShare Pump Girls. A number of radio DJs and personalities have also pledged their support and are expected to turn up to give waiting drivers their 15 minutes of fame.
Although anybody can claim their free gas, each driver will only be afforded up to $40 of fuel at one of six pumps to avoid stockpiling. Full security for the event is available and members of staff positioned at various points are on hand to answer any queries and concerns drivers might have.
The CEO of PokerShare, Lucan Toh, commented on PokerShare’s latest creative marketing campaign by saying: “PokerShare has earned a reputation for its creative marketing and people expect us to constantly exceed their expectations. New Yorkers will experience firsthand the magic of PokerShare’s ‘give back’ gesture.”
PokerShare has a history for the way it positively conducts business online. This latest charitable act is expected to attract thousands more customers to its site. Another important point to make is PokerShare expands its operations in the real world to its online presence with regular bonuses on a range of its varied casino games.

Posted on: May 14, 2006

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