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Blue Square Brings


By offering its members via its World Cup Desktop Alerter, the opportunity to stay in tune with all the events going on at the World Cup, Blue Square has come to the rescue of all football fans that have to work during the World Cup. All you need to do is to download the World Cup Desktop Alerter to your desktop and during the build up to Germany 2006 and throughout the competition itself you will be given news as it breaks. Whether it’s the latest odds on England to win or an update on the progress on Rooney’s metatarsal you can get all of this thanks to Blue Square.

The Alerter can be modified to suit your needs. So, for example, if it’s just Blue Square specials or results you are concerned about, just tick the appropriate box and that is all that you will receive. How many alerts you receive will depend on how many boxes you check or uncheck.

The Alerter can be completely customized, enabling you see only what you want and when you want it. If you are involved in making a presentation to the board of directors you can simply switch off the World Cup Desktop Alerter during the meeting. Or conversely you might to decide to keep it on so that everyone present will be able to focus on what you are saying rather than looking in the other room over your shoulder at the TV!

It’s simple to download and it will bring all of the latest news and gossip directly to your PC. There are no hidden viruses, adware or spyware contained in it and it cannot affect the performance of your PC.

Posted on: June 7, 2006

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