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Intertops Offers

A new offer from Intertops is giving players the chance to become millionaires overnight with a free competition. To win the grand prize, plays must attempt to predict the outcome of each of the 2006 soccer World Cup’s games. There are 64 games in total and it's the player’s job to predict each score to potentially win the $10 million grand prize (USD).
Anyone who is or is over the age of 19 can enter anytime up until an hour before the opening game, which is on June 9th. Each customer is able to become a millionaire in a matter of a month as the competition ends with the final on July 9th.
Sepp Maier, who is one of the patrons of the competition, sarcastically commented how everybody is able to win because each person could only be either right or wrong. Sepp Maier is the famous German goalkeeper who won the 1974 World Cup. He has made his own predictions and speculated Brazil would win the 2006 World Cup.
Customers are already attracted to this competition because there are no complicated strategies or any insider knowledge. The magic of the soccer World Cup means anybody can beat anybody, so it’s all in the hands of Lady Luck.
Intertops is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary online in 2006. After it opened as in 1996, it took the title of becoming the first sportsbook to make online betting available to customers. The head of marketing for Intertops, Michl Posch, commented on their 10th anniversary and the idea behind the competition. He said the offer of potentially winning $10 million (USD) by predicting the results of the soccer World Cup fitted in perfectly with their 10th anniversary celebrations.

Posted on: June 7, 2006

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